Fun-Size Farming: The Easiest Way to Make Valuable Compost (And it isn't stinky!)

Often, a way to get past fear and biases is to find a common interest. At Etheridge Farms, that common interest is the compost heap.

Somewhere deep in the annals of my education, all the way back in the Fourth Grade file cabinet, is a folder labelled C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-O-N.

Anyway, my inner conservationist cringes at faucets left running during tooth-brushing and throwing away perfectly good recyclables. So when I became an adult with my own home, I couldn't look down at a pile of rinds and weird bruised bits of fruits and vegetables and just throw them out in good conscience. Way to go, L.A. County Schools!

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Fun-Size Farming: how to unlock your landscape's potential

 Being sneaky about growing food in a traditional neighborhood setting

People exist who tear out their entire lawns and start growing food in it. Some to great effect, like the folks over at Tenth Acre Farm. Or any of the hippies who live in midcentury neighborhoods where they call the houses "bungalows." (I ain't hatin. I love me some bungalows.)

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Fun-Size Farming: How to make your pets work for you

(Because it's about time they started pulling their weight, amiright? I know this will be controversial, but at Etheridge Farms we do not consider starring in YouTube videos and wearing funny seasonal bandannas acceptable animal contributions. Our animals have to help out before they get screen time.)

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