The Pool: Turning the side yard into an oasis, despite all warnings

As I mentioned last week, I bought a cheap but functional pool for our yard. We fenced off the side yard, and suddenly we had an oasis. A pool! Afternoon shade! I put my lounger out there! And, best of all, now the animals can't leave land mines in there.

Me: Guys stop pushing the side down so much. That's too much water falling out.

Kate: We can just put more water in it.

Me: No we can't.

Oliver: Why?


Kate: Science?

Me: Just stop.

Also, I got this pool with filter for just $49! Apparently it's being discontinued. I'm wondering if part of that is poor sales resulting from the truly horrific scenes outlined on the side that could result from playing in this super fun pool.

"NO DIVING! You can break your neck and be paralyzed. DO NOT SIT OR LAY OVER POOL WALL! You can be permanently injured. AVOID ENTRAPMENT! Your hair, body, and jewelry could be sucked into the drain. You could be held under water and drown."

I'm actually more concerned about the employee who wrote these warnings. Worst case scenario much? Perhaps a Zoloft is in order, is all I'm saying.

I'm made of stronger stuff than that, Summer Breeze! I WILL have fun in this death trap you've put on the market.

Clear skies, full pool, can't lose.