14th wedding anniversary, turning 35, and my three sons

Yesterday Noah and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in a very 14th wedding anniversary way:

  1. We had dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date (as we've done every year)

  2. One of us counted Weight Watchers points for the meal

  3. Afterward we went to Barnes & Noble and got a coffee and some books

  4. We picked up our three children from their grandparents' house by 7:30

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The night I met David Sedaris

Almost ten years ago, I attended a reading by David Sedaris. Some unlucky circumstances led me to leave after several hours, before my turn to meet him and get an autograph. Last night, Noah surprised me by taking me to a reading for David’s new book, Calypso. I finally got the autograph and, incidentally, David sort of called me a hooker. Don’t worry, it wasn’t mean or #metoo. For one thing, he’s gay, so I’m certain he wouldn’t have been interested in my services anyway.

You’ll just have to read on for the explanation.

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Bedtime stories for grown-ups: A short list of some of my favorite re-readable books

There once was an era in which I would only read one book at a time. Mind you, I'm a fairly fast reader, but I liked to be immersed in a single read. Or I could quickly decide if it didn't hold my interest and move on. I've never been much of a slogger when it comes to books. Or anything. Why work hard when you can not work hard, is my thought.

Lately though I've got multiple books going, for different times of day and/or my mood.

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