The night I met David Sedaris

Almost ten years ago, I attended a reading by David Sedaris. Some unlucky circumstances led me to leave after several hours, before my turn to meet him and get an autograph. Last night, Noah surprised me by taking me to a reading for David’s new book, Calypso. I finally got the autograph and, incidentally, David sort of called me a hooker. Don’t worry, it wasn’t mean or #metoo. For one thing, he’s gay, so I’m certain he wouldn’t have been interested in my services anyway.

You’ll just have to read on for the explanation.

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Six months: Reflections on life without Debbie

On our way home after the reception, I felt crummy. Minutes after walking through the door, I was hit with chills and a high fever. I had an infection that I'm convinced took hold after the release of stress and tension culminating at the memorial service.

Since then, I do think of Debbie often, but not in the all-consuming way of those first few months. It's actually been six months today.

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