My Nanny has dementia

My Nanny has dementia. The recent confirmation, paired with an event that landed her in the hospital, has our family in one of life’s inevitable, difficult transition periods.

Three weeks after she turned 93, my last baby turned 1. Time has become an unavoidable specter in daily life.

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All about Harry, part 3: His surgery, the recovery, and the end of summer

The hospital called the afternoon before to give us our arrival time: 6am. Good. First surgery of the day, no anxious waiting around, no time for anxiety bowels. My parents came over at 5:30, my dad to stay until the big boys woke up, my mom to ride with us to the hospital. 

And little Harry, absolutely no clue what he was about to experience.

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14th wedding anniversary, turning 35, and my three sons

Yesterday Noah and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in a very 14th wedding anniversary way:

  1. We had dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date (as we've done every year)

  2. One of us counted Weight Watchers points for the meal

  3. Afterward we went to Barnes & Noble and got a coffee and some books

  4. We picked up our three children from their grandparents' house by 7:30

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Why we walked away from foster-to-adopt

More often than not lately, parenting has felt like a delightful surprise. It's not always, of course. Sometimes it's like having an upset feral cat around while I'm trying to do...well, anything. Anything is difficult when you're responsible for an upset feral cat.

When so many good days line up with very few blips, it's easy to remember what makes parenting the best, most challenging yet rewarding responsibility I've ever chosen. It’s also impossible not to think about the time I was a foster parent, about our foster baby, and what might have been.

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