On being the Lupus Ninja, and an update about Hurricane Florence

I really dislike bringing up the fact that I have lupus because 1) it’s not the most important fact about me; 2) it’s boring to keep mentioning my own chronic illness; 3) it’s not that big a deal. I just know that one day if I get on American Ninja Warrior, though, I’ll have to call myself the Lupus Ninja. <eye roll> Lupus is my human interest adversity story they’ll want to use.

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All about Harry, part 3: His surgery, the recovery, and the end of summer

The hospital called the afternoon before to give us our arrival time: 6am. Good. First surgery of the day, no anxious waiting around, no time for anxiety bowels. My parents came over at 5:30, my dad to stay until the big boys woke up, my mom to ride with us to the hospital. 

And little Harry, absolutely no clue what he was about to experience.

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All about Harry, part 2: his arrival on planet Earth

When we last left off, I was on an oxytocin drip and having contractions. Still, after a few hours, I hadn't progressed much beyond where I was to begin with. I wasn't surprised, because with both Ethan and Oliver, the labor was slow until the breaking of the bag of waters.

I had to wait for my doctor until almost 4:30 to break my water, because he was delivering some other lady's baby. Ugh, people, amiright?

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The plight of the whales, Little Baby Lens, and lupus: a snapshot of my idiosyncrasies

Lately, the weeks have been flying by (cliche), but the speedy passage of time has just further added to the minor funk I've been in. Ethan is finishing 4th grade, Oliver is prepping for kindergarten, Harry is sleeping in his own room, the whales are dying because of plastic. Also I have wolf-face disease. Anyway, life is fleeting. (<—name that quote! It’s an obscure one…)

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